Saturday, 14 November 2015

Situ Bagendit

Hasil gambar untuk the legend of Situ Bagendit
      Once upon a time there lived a very wealthy woman in a small village .She lived alone in a very big house .She was very greedy so people called her Nyi Endit, the greedy wealthy woman. “I’m the richest woman in this village. Ha…ha…ha all these wealth are mine. No one can take even a little cent from me.” “I have all of these by my own. So why do I have to share the things with the other?” That was what she thought about. She didn’t care with the people around her,although they were very poor and were starving.

      One day, a very old woman came to her and asked for help. She said,” Nyi Endit, please help me. My son has never had any food for days. We are starving”. “Hi, the ugly old woman! Get away from me! I don’t care with you or your son. Whether you are starving or even dying, it is not my bussiness.” Nyi Endit shouted. The old woman didn’t move from Nyi Endit sight so Nyi Endit sprayed the woman with some water. The old woman and her son got wet. Nyi Endit was so cruel. She didn’t feel a little sorry for the old woman. Even she got angrier. She forced the old woman to get out of her yard . “Hi…hi…hi ! What such a foolish woman! Who does she think she is, so that she comes to me for a help.”
      A few days later, a very old man ,with a stick to walk, came to Nyi Endit and asked for some water.  “Nyi, please give me some water. I am so thirsty. If you don’t mind I’ll take the water from your well.” Asked the old man. “Hey, the poor old man. I don’t want you to take my water. Any drop of my water is only for me. No one can take any of them. Go away!”said Nyi Endit. The man went by…, He used his stick to walk. He stopped by the Nyi Endit’s house yard,put his stick on the ground and shouted ,”Nyi Endit, you don’t want to loose any drop of your water. Now I will give you more water.” He took his stick out of the ground and the water came out , bursted into the air. It swept all over the village and it turned into a lake. Nyi Endit was drowned with all of her wealth. People called the lake Situ Bagendit.

1. What is the story about ?
    The story tell about the origin of Situ Bagendit
2. Who are the character ?
    Nyi Endit, the old woman, old man
3. Where is the setting ?
    In the small village
4. What is the conflict ?
    Nyi Endit is the greedy people and she doesn't care with the people around her house,         although they are poor and starving
5. How about the resolution ?
    The old man drown Nyi Endit with all of her wealth
6. What is the moral value ?
    People should live together and help each other. Don’t be greedy because it only brings       disaster.

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