Friday, 27 November 2015

Saparua Sport Center

Saparua Sport Center is the place for sport activities. It is located at Saparua Number 2 Bandung, near Maluku Park. Now, the capacity of Saparua Sport Center is 4.000 persons.

GOR Saparua was established in 1969. At first the building was intended for a boxing match

Saparua Sport Center was used for music consert at 80’s. Fariz RM, Vina Panduwinata, and Cockpit ever did the consert here.

In 90’s, Saparua Sport Center often used as the place of rock concert. Many rock band who were born in Saparua Sport Center, such as PAS Band, Koil, Burgerkill, and many more. The most succesful concert that took place at Saparua Sport Center such as Hollabalo (1994), Bandung Berisik (1995), Bandung Underground (1996), and Gorong-Gorong (1997). However, because of the interest of the audience who wanted to present in every concerts, made Saparua unable to accommodate the number of audience who increased fastly. The community of underground music searched the place that could accommodate more people. Finally, they found Dago Tea House.

Recently, Saparua Sport Center becomes a place for people to do sport. Many people start the day with a workout in the morning here. Sometimes, students and athletes exercise in Saparua Sport Center. Saparua Sport Center has indoor and outdoor buildings. There are some sport facilities, such as jogging track, basketball, wall climbing, voleyball, badminton, and wheeling area for sport, such as bicycle, skate board, inline skates, and many more.

The area of Saparua Sport Center is pretty cool with lot of the shades trees overshadow the sport arena. The parking area is enough extensive.

Around Saparua Sport Center, there are a lot of food vendors with the carts sell foods and drinks. It makes the visitors of Saparua Sport Center aren’t difficult to find the food. Foods and drinks are so delicious with the low price. However, the culinary tents use large area of the pavement which actually intended for pedestrians.

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