Saturday, 21 November 2015

First Experience

               It was the first day in 3 Senior High School. I graduated from 34 Junior High School with the good score. And I decided to choose 3 Senior High School as my next school because it was my dream since I studied at Junior High School.
                It was the orientation of the school. I saw many students from other Junior High School in 3 Senior High School. We gathered at New School Hall. First the headmaster and the teachers introduced their names. After that, Mr. Encang as headmaster explained about 3 Senior High School, especially about the school programs, the motto of 3 Senior High School, and many more. After that, the commitee of MOPD in my
school that include of the students from grade XI and XII who were join OSIS divided us into 9 groups.
                I joined group one. There were many students from the other Junior High School. They were so funny and so friendly. We had 3 mentors  in my class. The mentors were our brothers and sisters at the higher class. They were so friendly and so kindly. They explained us about 3 Senior High School.
                First day, we introduced ourself with friends and mentors. At the first day, we got the the group task. Each group must made the creation of old newspaper. The best creation in the class would presentated in the New School Hall. My group decided to make 3D Painting. Next day, the teacher announced the best of the creation in class. Unfortunately my group was not the best creation.
After the event of orientation of the school, there were a new event. The name was Odyssey. Odyssey was the event that introduced extracurriculars to the new students. Many extracurricular introduced in this event, such as Perhimpunan Penjelajah Alam Jamadagni, Pramuka, Palang Merah Remaja, BM 3 (Belitung Muda 3), KPA 3 (Keluarga Paduan Angklung 3), MK 3 (Musik Klasik 3), SEF 3 (Student English Forum 3). At the last day, I’m so excited with MK3, KPA3, and T’ST because they showed the good performance at New School Hall.

After Odyssey event, we prepared to study at 3 Senior High School because the school activity started Monday after the event.

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