Sunday, 22 November 2015

My School Life

As my previous post, my name is Zaki Anwar Farizan. I study at 3 Senior High School, one of the best school in Indonesia. It is located in Belitung Street 8, Bandung, West Java. My school has a neighbour school, it’s name is 5 Senior High School. No conflict between 3 Senior High School with 5 Senior High School. We always study in peace and never conflict.
In this post, I will tell my school life in 3 Senior High School. As normal school, there are many homeworks, test, and quiz come together. First, I am not habitual with the atmosphere of the school. But slowly, I can adapt myself into the school atmosphere. Each day, each lesson, we always get homework. The hardest day ever in the school is 3 test and one homework. Fortunately, in my school, there is a library that has many books so we can easily get the references for study.
In my school, the tests are very hard, especially math and science (biology, physics, and chemistry). Maybe the easiest lesson that I mention is biology and the hardest is physics. In Junior High School, I learn physics just about counting and few theory. But, in Senior High School, I learn about how to analyze the nature phenomenon from the physics side. I think it is very hard.
The hardest challenge I passed is Mid Test. The Mid Test held from Monday to Monday again. We do the tests of 12 lessons in my school. Each day, we do 2 tests.
We can refresh our brain with the extracurriculars in my school. The students that interest in sports can join BM3 (Belitung Muda 3), UBBAS3 (Unit Bola Basket3), BC3 (Badminton Club 3), and many more. The student that interest in music can join MK3 (Musik Klasik 3), BAND3, and many more. I just join 2 extracurriculars because I adjust with my extra lesson and study time. There are DKM (Dewan Keluarga Masjid) and Trilogi.
                In my school, there are many events that can refresh too. One of them is Gamarvani Festival that I tell on another post. 3 Senior High School always hold festival every year. Last year, the name is Matswapati and this year the nameis Gamarvani. There are so many performer in Gamarvani. The guest star is Adera and HiVi! There are the famous singer in Indonesia.
              Next week, we will do the examination for 8 days.
I’m so happy to  study at 3 Senior High School....

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