Monday, 26 October 2015

My New Friend

            I have a friend. His name is Naufal Rafi Hibatullah, but you can call him Naufal. We are classmate in English Class. He live in Rakata Street Number 37 Bandung 40113. His house is very near with the school. He was born in Oita (Japan), 24th April 2000. Now, he is 15 years old. His hobby is doing sport, sleeping, eating, and playing games. His favourite food is Italian Foods and Japanese Foods. His favourite drinks are “es campur”, frozen yoghurt, lemon tea, juices, ice cream, and many more. He llikes eating so he likes almost any food and drinks except jengkol and patay. His phone number is 085292130150.
                His father's name is Oesman and his mother's name is Sri Esti L.
         He was the student of Darul Hikam Elementary School. After he graduated, he studied in 7 Elementary School. After that, he studied at 3 Senior High School, same as me.
               He has 4 sisters, 3 older sisters and 1 younger sister. His oldest sister studies at SBM ITB. The second one studies at TEKIM ITB. The third one studies at 2 Senior High School. At last, his little sister studies at 5 Junior High School.
          He likes sport very much, so he is very good in sport, such as basketball, futsal, badminton, and many more. I think maybe he can be an athlete.
            He can plays guitar a little bit so he likes Sungha Jung. Naufal think Sungha Jung is a famous korean guitar player. The reason why he likes Sungha Jung because Sungha Jung motivates him to play guitar well.
               In 3 Senior High School, he take DKM (Dewan Keluarga Masjid), BM3 (Belitung Muda 3), BC 3 (Badminton Club), UBBas 3 (Unit Bola Basket 3), and MK3 (Musik Klasik 3). DKM is the extracurricular that gives knowledge about Islam. I also join DKM. BC 3 as you know from the name, is the extracurricular that train person to play badminton well. UBBAS 3 is extarcurricular that train to play basketball very well. MK3 is the place to every person who has hobby in classy music.

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