Monday, 21 September 2015


        At 19th September 2015, 3 Senior High School organized the festival event in bali Field. The name was Gamarvani. Several days from Gamarvani, we bought ticket. The price of ticket was Rp40.000. In Gamarvani, there were many performer there and two guest there. They were Adera and HiVi.
Hasil gambar untuk gamarvani        Gamarvani started at 8 a.m. with the parade. Each class had to register participants. Beside the participant from each class, there were the participant from elementary school, such as BPI Elementary School and Kartika Elementary School. The boys wore pangsi and the girls wore kebaya. Each participant prepared their songs. The winner of the parade would announced and got the prize. The route of parade was from Bali street-Belitung street-Sumatra street-Aceh street-Merdeka street-Jawa street then went back to Bali street.After that, there were the performance of SD BPI and SD Kartika. And then, my friends and I took a rest in my friend's house, because we were very tired. After that, we prayed Zuhur in mosque. And then, we entered The Gamarvani Festival. Before we entered the festival, we had to checked by KANST if we brought the prohibited thung, such as parfum, fodd and drink from outside festival, and sharp weapon.
Hasil gambar untuk gamarvani
        In Gamarvani, there were many foodtrucks, food stands and many more. Beside the food, there were a traditional games such as boy boyan, sapintrong, and congklak. The person who win the games would got the prize. At 16.00 the person started to fill the Bali Field. We prayed Ashar at 15.30. So many person watch the Theatre that presented by T'sT. The title was "Merajut". It was interesting. The actors and the actress act very emotinally.
       After that, we prayed Maghrib at 06.00. Unfortunately, that was 06.30. I had to go home because there was too late. Nevertheless that was the amazing experience.

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