Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Education to Build a Better Future for All

Education to Build a Better Future for All
Zaki Anwar Farizan

We lived in a world that so many people live there. Approximately billions years ago, the human lived in the stupidity. They have a lifestyle like the animal style. They eat the meat without cook before, hunt the animals with the very simple tools that made from stone, and many more. From there, it is the first knowledge in the world. Then, the new era begin. The knowledge always improved by the next generations until now. Now, the knowledge improve very widely and the people think that the knowledge don’t be lost because from the knowledge, the technology always improved. So the people try to teach the other people about the knowledge. From there, we can conclude that education is a process where the peoples sharing about everything that they knows. From the education, people who are stupid become smart. The world needs the smarts people to change the world from primitive era become modern era.
Beside the knowledge, the education always improved too, especially in the system of education. Long time ago, the people think how all of the people can be smart, but the numbers of people is so many. So they make the school. In the school, the people can study together in a class. The participant of the school called as student. They will teach by the people who called as teacher who has the knowledge more than the students.
In this era, I am a student of Senior High School. So I feel the atmosphere of school for almost ten years, so I know the system of education in Indonesia. In the 1st grade of Elementary school, I started the school.  I learn over 10 lessons in the class, so from the basic, we started to be saturated and bored in the school. For example, every student has the different talent. There are my friend who likes cooking, counting, writing, sport, and many more. But,in the school, we learn about many lessons that we don’t interest. When I was  Junior High School, there is my friend that has interest in sport and drawing. But, in the class, he always mocked by his friend because he always get the bad mark for math. It’s the first problem of the system education in Indonesia.
The second problem is homework. Teacher sometimes give us the the homeworks. It’s usual in my school. But, many teachers give us many homeworks. Imagine, if we study 16 lessons every semester, let’s think about our pressures. Every homeworks must be ready for next week.maybe the teacher think that they give us homework order to the students always study in their home. But, we feel that many homework make us very stressed. The homeworks don’t make us smart, but make us so tired and we don’t notice about our health and make us become sick.
The third problems is ranking system. There is the rule that every class must sort the students from the 1st ranking that has the highest marks in class to the last student that has the lowest marks in the class. It makes the highest the 1st rank receive so many praises from  teachers, friends, and many more. But, the students who is the lowest ranking in class, he/she can become very shy to his/her friends. Usually the lowest ranking students get mocked by his/her students, teachers, and get anger from his/her parents. It can make he/she become not confident in every time. The lowest rank student feel that he/she is the stupidest student in the class. So he/she will feel very stressed and he/she can give up for every condition.
So in my mind, I ever think about my dream education in Indonesia. I wish that the students can choose their lesson themself. The lessons can adopted from the talent of the students. If it happens, the student who likes sport don’t need to learn about Physics, the student who likes music don’t need to learn about Biology, and many more, so the student can develop him/her talent. Beside it, I wish that the lessons we learn is less than 10 lessons in order to make the student can focus to him/her talent.
One of the biggest problem for the students in Indonesia is homeworks. I wish in the school, the teacher seldom to give the homeworks. If the number of homeworks are few, the students can focus to do the homework so they can understand about the content of lessons.
I wish that in the school, there are no ranking system in every class. It can make the equality of each students so there are no differents from each students. So if one student get a bad mark, he/she don’t need to give up, but he/she must try to get the better mark next time.
In Indonesia, we have the big problem in education, especially for the system. So I have an idea for the government to fix the system. It’s never too late to give the change to the education. If the education can be better than now, I believe that the next generations will become better from the previous generations. They are the next leader for Indonesia to lead this country to glory.

From the text above, we can conclude that education is very important for the world. If there is no education, the world will fall on to the stupidity. Because of this, this country need the good educations to produce the great generations that can be the next leader for this country.

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