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Yeahhh..... Finally we got the long holidays. The holidays started from   Monday March 7th 2016 until March 14th 2016. After tired days in school, finally we can rest from activities in school such as homeworks, test, and many more. We got the holidays because 12th grade students were doing the exams, so we got 1 week holiday. But, we couldn’t free from homeworks because the teachers always give many homeworks for holidays. Not only that, in this holiday we must prepare ourself for Mid Semester Test that would be held at  March 17th 2016 until  March 23th 2016. Well... we must prepare for our hard schedule. But in this holiday, school conduct the sport events called DEWA ATHENA.

DEWA ATHENA is the sport competition for 10th grade and 11th grade. This event held from  March 10th 2016 until March 12th 2016. This event took place at Bali Field, also at Bali Street. There were some category for the competition such as futsal, basketball, volleyball, badminton, dodgeball, chess, tug of war, estaffet run, and gobak sodor (traditional games).

On the first day, at 07.00 a.m., there was an opening event. All of participant that included of 10th grade and 11th grade students gathered at Bali Fied. The event is opened with marathon run. It was not far. We ran from Bali Street, Belitung Street, Sumatera Street, Jawa Street, and back to Bali Street. The students wore the class jersey that they ordered before.
After marathon run, the commitees prepared the competition. I didn’t remember all of the schedule, but I’m only remember the schedule of my class. The first competition that my class took is  gobak sodor. In this game, there were two teams that included of 10 persons. Attacker team needed 10 persons and defender team needed 5 persons. The game included two match. In two match, two teams had attack and defend chance. The defend team must try to touch the attacker. The point that the gained were from the number of attacker that could escape from the defenders. I played this and our class (X IPA 1) lost from X IPA 7.

The next competition was estaffet run. The participant included 4 persons, 2 boys and 2 girls. The particpant must run surround football field. My class, X IPA 1 versus XI IPA 2. My friends ran very fast so they won. X IPA 1 advanced to the next stage.
The next competition was tug of war. The number of participant was 10 persons, included 5 boys and 5 girls. Our opponent is XI IPA 1. One game included 2 match. If one team win, they get one point. If the score was draw, there would be one match again to decided the winner. My class could win with only 2 games and advanced to next stage.
The next competition and also the last competition in first day was dodgeball (boy). X IPA 1 versus X IPA 6. The match were very sharp. Each teams played very hard. And the result was my class won again !!!

Second day, the first competition for my cass was dodgeball boy. The opponent of our team was XI IPA 1. They played so great and they could beat our team.
The next competition for my class was estaffet run. In this stage, my class’s team versus X IPA 5. We won again and advanced to the next stage to competited with the winner of another battle. I forgot who were them but my class’s team lose from them.
The next competition was basketball. Each team include 3 boys and two girls. That was not include with reserve players. My class’s team was beaten by their opponent, X IPA 8 with the score, 10 – 2.
The next competition was chess. Our class sent Ghifar Akbar Iftinan as the participant of chess. His ooponent is student from X IPA 4. He could win against his opponent.
The next competition was tug of war. The next opponent was X IPA 5. We won very hard from X IPA 5 because their teamwork is very good. But finally, we could win with the score 2 – 1.
The next competition was volleyball. I was not watch my class’s team, but they could win from their opponent and advanced to next stage.
The next competition were badminton double girls and badminton double boys. Both of them could win form their opponents. On the top of that, badminton double boys team of my class could beat the team from XI IPA 7 with the marvelous score, 21 – 2, 21 – 5.
Ohhh, I forgot. There was also competition for my class in the category of Dodgeball girls. I didn’t watch them but my friends told me that they won that game.

Finally, the third day also the last day. The first competition was futsal girls. The opponent was XI IPA 8. Maybe because the players that didn’t gather soon, so the team only has 5 players and didn’t have reserve players. Our team were beaten with the score, 2 – 0.
The next competition for my class is chess. I didn’t watch Ghifar in Chess game but my friends told me that he lost from student of XI IPA 6.
The next competition was tug of war. Some players weren’t come to this event so I decided to join the team. Battle against XI IPA 8 was not very hard so we could beat them.
The next competition was Futsal Boys. Our team would be battle against futsal team from XI IPA 7. The team of XI IPA 7 had the good players so they could beat our team with the score 2 – 0.

Finally, the event had finished. The final round will take place at April 2nd 2016.

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