Saturday, 23 January 2016

My Holiday

My Holiday

On this day, December 23rd 2015, we finished study at first semester in 3 Senior High School Bandung. My mom and picked up the report of my progress in study at school. At first, I fell very nervous because I think my result of study is bad. But, when I looked my report, I feel happy because the result is good. After receive the report, we came back to my house. My parents were very busy because in the night they would go to Saudi Arabia to do the umrah.
In afternoon, my big family came to my house to accompany my parents to PUSDAI mosque because the travel agency prepared the bus to Soekarno – Hatta Airport. We went to PUSDAI mosque at 06.30 p.m. My parents brought many luggage. We arrived at PUSDAI Mosque at 08.00 p.m. There so many people came to PUSDAI Mosque. The crew of travel prepared for the travel. They carried the luggages of the passenger. After that, the participant of umrah gathered inside the mosque to receive the provisioning. My family and I (except my parents who were the participant) joined the gather people inside the mosque. At 11.00 p.m. , finally the participant of umrah started to go to Soekano – Hatta International Airport. After that, my sister and I were accompanied by my aunt to my house. So, my sister and I would stay in the house for 10 days without my parents for the first time !!!
We arrived at my house at 12.00 p.m. After locked the gate and the door, we prepared to sleep. But I couldn’t sleep for 2 hours so I slept at 02.00 p.m. Next day, I woke up at 05.15 a.m. After I woke up, I did the Subuh prayer. After that, I did my works that my mom prepared before she went. I opened the cover of bird cages, so the birds received the sunlight.
We  started to live without my parents in my house, only with my sister. Luckily, before my parents went to Saudi Arabia, they ordered a maid to take care us in the house. Everyday she cooked the foods for us so we wouldn’t hungry. But, for the houseworks, that’s our tasks, such as mop floor, clean the dishes, clean the bird cages, and many more. We usually did the tasks before, except clean the bird cages. For the first, we felt disgusted because there were so many bird’s feces in the cages. But, slowly we accustomed to cleaned the bird cages.
In the night, my uncle came to my house. He planned to stay for 4 days because the next day my uncle had to work in his office. So every night, my uncle always take me and my sister to the restaurant to dinner. We are very happy because we can eat for free. My uncle always treat us so we can save our money.
At Sunday, my uncle come back to his house because the holiday of his work is end. At Monday, my cousin come to our house to play together with us. He come to my house with many foods, especially snack. But we decide to take lunch near my house. We eat meatballs together near my house. After that we buy the foods again. Then, we back to home. In the evening, my aunt come to my house to take my cousin back to their house.

At Friday, finally, my parents back to Indonesia after go to Saudi Arabia to umrah. My family and I pick up my parents at PUSDAI after pray Jumat. There so many people wait their family who go to Saudi Arabia too. After wait for 30 minutes, the participant of umrah arrive at PUSDAI. Finally we meet my parents again. My parents bring many souvenir, such as chocolate, wall decoration, zam – zam water, and many more. After that, we come back to home.

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